Respecting the experiences of the past as well as client’s expectations in the future, are the basis of my entrepreneurial thinking and acting. My goal is to always fulfill the expectations for watch winders in a unique form of design for the individualist and at the same time combine it with a user-friendly technology. In order to keep a high level of quality, we are in control of development, construction, manufacturing and production which are altogether based in-house in our company. Naturally, all rights for design and technology are held by ORIGINTIMES / MTE.

Many years of fundamental technological know-how have been brought into a new luxury brand, which focuses on extraordinary client’s requests. By leaving market standards behind, we are however holding on to reliable facts.

ORIGINTIMES products and their unique design, are keeping their individual character in particular because of the limited production numbers. Thanks to our innovative ideas, we have developed  an electronic control unit, which can be adapted specifically to each client’s needs. Our integrated concept includes individual consulting and a comprehensive service for each client, either directly or with the help of selected worldwide partners.

In the focus of our action stands above all a precious collector’s item, the one which moves your emotions. ORIGINTIMES expands this emotional indulgence into a complete form – your watch as the main character of a performance in motion, which will preserve its uniqueness.

Norman Rothacker

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